DIY: Chevron Lamp Shade

In my 2nd attempt at a Pinterest project, I’m painting again…just on a much smaller scale this time!

Missoni made chevron prints tremendously popular in the fashion world, but lately they’ve become just as trendy in home decor.

So when I first saw this lamp shade DIY project, I knew it was the perfect way to incorporate the print into my home without spending tons of money.

What you’ll need:  A plain white drum shade
Measuring tape, a utility knife, sharp scissors, a sponge brush and painters tape.
And paint.  I had a variety of options that I to choose from so I did a few swatches to see which one I liked the best.
I decided to go with Martha Stewart’s craft paint in grey wolf. {The last swatch shown}
Step 1:  Decide how big you want your pattern and place a strip of tape around the entire shade at that level – – measuring from the bottom up.  I chose 3 1/4 inches.
Step 2:  Place strips of tape in a chevron pattern around the shade using the bottom of the tape line you created in Step 1 as your guide.  You may have to go back and rearrange your pattern to make sure there’s an even amount of triangles around the shade.
Step 3: Once the first row of pattern looks pleasing to the eye, remove the guide tape from Step 1.  Repeat that pattern covering the entire lamp.  Remember to leave the same amount of space between each row.  Use your scissors to trim the tape and make clean points. Don’t forget to add in little triangles at the bottom of the shade so the pattern looks complete.
Step 4: Paint the shade using your sponge brush being careful not to let your paint leak under the tape.
Step 5: Remove the tape once the paint has dried.
Ta dah!
It’s no where near perfect but that’s why the chevron print is so awesome because it’s very forgiving.
I really wish I could do this to multiple lamp shades in my house because I love it that much…
but that would probably be overkill 🙂

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